How it works

How it works

Qwixi tour – an app for those who travel and explore our planet on their own..
In the app you can easily find an audio tour in any place of your interest.
Purchase and listen to the paid content tours or download the free ones.
If you want to travel together with Qwixi you must download the app onto your Smartphone.
Qwixi for Android:
Qwixi for iOS: //
You can listen to the downloaded tour even if there is no Internet connection available.

You can easily register for the app with a help of you email address or social networks.
For registration with an email address you need to enter your email address and secure password consisting of 6-20 symbols.
For registration with social networks – Facebook or Google+, your Qwixi account will be linked with your social network profile. It is easy and safe; the app won’t use your personal information.
You can also use the app without registration, but then you lack an opportunity to make the list of your favourite tours and guides, and unfortunately, then you do not have an access to the history of your searches and many other options. br>
The app website provides the list of the latest and most popular tours, recommendations, information about tours and Qwixi team.
On the lowest line you can find icons ‘Home’, ‘Obtained’, ‘Marked’. It will help you to navigate among the variety of tours. Therefore mark the audio tours you enjoy the most.

Use the app search system for finding the tours you are interested in. Just click on the red button ‘Search’. In the opened window, in the search field enter the name of the city you are interested in. You will receive a list of all available tours. You can also have a look on the tour list near to you. This option is useful when you have already arrived to the holiday destination. Remember to turn on the function of location detection to see everything what our guides have sincerely created for you.
Tour filter is developed for easier tour search. Enter the tour language, select the necessary category (walking, bike, buss, car, boat), the tour record level and the desirable duration. You will be offered a list of tours according to your wishes.

Click on the icon ‘Marked’ if you have enjoyed the tour. The tour will be saved to the favourites list and you will be able to download it any time later. You can see the list of the already obtained tours or the tours added to the marked list.
Obtaining tours
If you have downloaded the tour to the app it will appear on the list.
Download a tour
The chosen tour is downloaded to your Smartphone. You can listen to it for three times. Read about listening to the tour for the remaining times in the subtopic Tours. Now you are ready for the travel together with your personal guide on your Smartphone. .

Listen to the demo tour and choose the best one. Download the tour you are interested in advance or at hotel. Or in other words, where there is free Wi-Fi or where the Internet charge corresponds to your purse, so you do not have to spend money on roaming. We must remind you that taking a tour does not require any Internet connection.
If you have already chosen the tour on your app, then you see its image on the main page, so you can read the description, find the information about the route, duration and length, audio record quality and tour language.
Under the tour you can find its rating by other tourists. You should pay attention to it as well.
If you have downloaded the app onto your Smartphone you can see the number of auditions left. It is written in small print under the tour name.
Click the button ‘Start’ to see the tour on the map. Click the button ‘Menu’ to find all objects included in the audio tour. Each object has a description and photos that will help you to find out more about them.
When on the main tour page, it is possible to mark it or share on your favourite social network.

Tour audition
Start listening to the tour at the first object. As soon as you are near the object the audio guide starts playing. There can also be some extra objects. It is also an interesting part of your excursion, do not miss it.
Remember that the app offers not only listening to the information about an object; it cheers you up also on your way to the next one. When going to the next object the guide will tell you some interesting story, possibly offer you to have a cup of coffee in some cafe or call at a souvenir shop. Therefore, choose your tours not only by particular objects but also by routes.
You can leave the tour route but as soon as you get back to the area you will hear the guide voice again.
After the tour there is a possibility to check your knowledge at a quiz prepared by the guide. The prize might be a password for discounts at a cafe, restaurant or shop, but it can also be a souvenir from a local shop. Therefore, do not yawn, listen to the guide carefully and answer the questions. We can share some great secret – guides have promised not to make too difficult quizzes.
After the tour, rate it and leave your feedback. It is always so pleasant to receive gratitude for your work, isn’t it? Our guides are as human as we are. So, if they deserve it, please, praise them.

Guide profile
Before purchasing the tour read about the guide on their personal profile. You always have a chance to connect with the guide either using the phone number provided in the profile, or leave feedback about the tour. Sometimes you may have some free time and you would be pleased to hear more about the secrets of the place but this time together with the guide themselves you have liked so much. So feel free to use the information provided in the profile and explore the world together with Qwixi!
We will be glad if you leave your feedback on AppStore or send it to us, Qwixi developers.
Share your ideas or ask your support relating questions at app forum. All your messages will be read and responded to. We monitor it regularly!
Follow the app news on various social networks. And you will find our app news and the latest tourist sphere news!

There are paid and free tours available. Once you download a paid tour, your account is written off the particular charge, indicated in euro. The price is displayed under the tour name.

Set the main app language. Change the Internet access to ‘Wi-Fi only’ or ‘Any’ if it is necessary. Use device dynamics for making audio records. Find more detailed information about the app and find out about the updates.

Wishing you new bright travels together with Qwixi!

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