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Blue Lagoon of Iceland. Vital instructions before your visit

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The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is by far most popular tourist attraction in Iceland. If you think that visiting the Blue Lagoon is a simple thing, like going to a swimming pool, you are wrong! I will give you some key and basic advise and instructions for your consideration; IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT YOU MUST KEEP IN MIND BEFORE YOU ARRIVE IN ICELAND. IF NOT, YOU MIGHT NOT VISIT THE SPA AT ALL, OR AT LEAST HAVE AN UNSUCCESSFUL VISIT.
Tourists in Iceland generally ask many questions before they visit the spa. I recorded for you detailed instructions so you could visit the Spa on your own. You will learn where and how to buy tickets, about opening hours, how to find the Blue Lagoon and how to get there wheather driving yourself or using public transport. I will furthermore inform you about the rules for visitors as well as giving you answers to the most common and important questions tourists are asking. I wish you a wonderful time and amazing experience in the Blue Lagoon of Iceland!
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