About us

When travelling around Italy one of us got the idea about the app. A big Russian-speaking family unsuccessfully tried to find a guide in the centre of Rome on some fantastically hot summer day. The guide was found yet he turned out to be the modern tourism business shark – an individual excursion for two grown-ups and three little children was suicidal for their budget. Taking the crying children in their laps the disappointed parents went to the nearest cafe to come to themselves. And there in the silence and chill of the cosy pizzeria our colleague expressed an idea how wonderful it would be to walk along the city with his headphones on listening to the amazing history of ancient Rome, and listening to it in his native language. Arrival home resulted in searching like-minded people and first steps in developing an app for active tourists..

And one more story

The name of the app appeared after many days of meditations. The program development was already started – the best minds were already working at it. Yet we had no name in our minds. The only result of contests and never ending disagreements was disappointment. Last suggestion was again jarring ears and causing disagreements. The name had to sound good in all languages of the world. The app was so easy and accessible, and its name had to be the same. And it finally appeared – Qwixi – a short and sounding name, reflecting app’s ideal quality and versatility.

Our mission

We want to help guides to bring their knowledge to travellers in the most accessible and modern way. With a help of our app we hope to make your travelling more interesting and brighter.

Our approach

We have developed a resource uniting tour guide creators and travellers. Qwixi is open for the entire world and has a potential for growth and development. We are moving on and using for it the most modern technologies.

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