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New York City. Downtown and Midtown

USA, New York City
10.7 km
2 h 30 min


In this megalopolis it is impossible to get around to all the interesting places in one day. Therefore, today we offer you the chance to walk around that part of the city which is called Downtown. It is precisely here that the financial power of the American nation is concentrated. The New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank are both located here. In this part of the city it is possible to see many things which are the symbols of New York itself and also of all of America- the Brooklyn bridge, Wall Street and the Statue of Liberty. Museums and plazas will present themselves to you along the way and you will be able to immerse yourself in the history of this place and to come in contact with its artifacts. In this part of the city in 2001 occurred the tragic events of 11 September which shocked all humanity. We will take you to those places which were the epicenter of this events, and visit the memorial to the victims of the attack of September 11.
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